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Rawlings 2021 50th Anniversary 1971 Pirates Baseball

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

The year is 1971. the pirates have a future hall of famer in their midst. Roberto Clemente. Mr. 3000. They won it all that year. Something they will only do once more in 1979 before having a 40+ year title drought. This year, unlike in 2019, they only had one version of the ball. As in 2019 for the 1979 40th Anniversary of their last WS victory they had a retail version, and a game used version. (Pictured Left).

The 50th Anniversary ball was made available at PNC Park, at the Hunt Auctions Booth, located on PNC Park's main concourse behind section 125. The Rawlings SKU on the box was ROMLBSOA, which is typical for stadium exclusive balls like this one. The retail price was listed at $44.99. There was also some extra inventory made available through email through the pirates authentics. For game used baseballs, there was some inventory that was available starting at $75 for game used balls. If you are active in the community for game used or pearl baseballs. There was plenty of opportunities to grab this one at retail level or eBay had some. We have some available for sale as well, Pearls and Game Used - Our prices are currently beating those on the open market as of (10/25/21).

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